Installation Services
Installation Services
Haldon offers efficient and rapid development of broadband systems. The company has a high quality design resources and modern design tools. Projects are offered a "green field" and "upgrade". Designed for HFC systems allow us to provide customers high-speed data services, telephony and video.
User devices
User devices
We offer a wide range of DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems and Cisco DOCSIS 2.0 and set-top Boxes DVB-C's Pace.
Systems Design
Systems Design
Haldon offers services in the field of RF transmission systems design, systems, analog and digital data transmission.
Data transmission
Data transmission
Haldon company works with Casa-Systems, which is the only manufacturer to CMTS controller market with full DOCSIS 3.0 certification. The choice of the three system allows you to customize the device to meet your needs and cheap the development of new channels through additional licenses.
We offer everything you need to build a new infrastructure and the expansion of the existing cable network. through many years of experience in the industry, professional advise and prepare an optimal offer for each customer.

Network technology integration

Network planning, installations and system activations for CATV and telecommunications networks with the use of various technologies avaialable on the market.

  • System design and planning of CATV, Teleco networks.
  • Installations and equipment activations on site.
  • Various technology and equipment integration within single HFC structure.

Network design

Haldon offers system design services for RF, AM-FO, analog and digital data network transmisson.

  • RF layer design
  • AM-FO layer design
  • Analog data transmission network design
  • Digital data transmission network design
  • Strand digitizing (AutoCAD, MicroStation)
  • Walkout, electronics network drafting
  • Network design archiving
  • Engineering consultation
  • System data archiving

Outside plant technical services

Haldon offers projects design done on time, and on budget. Company emloys high class system designers and use high tech design tools. We offer "Green field" and "Upgrade" type of system design are offered. This enables MSO's deploying such advanced services as high speed data, digital video and HFC telephony.

  • System sweep & balance
  • Reverse path activation
  • Ingress mitigation
  • Plant hardening
  • Residential / commercial installation
  • Distribution, trunk installation
  • Operational & maintenance procedure composition
  • System maintenance
  • Project management
  • CTB, CSO, C/N, BER/MER/E1 - testing
  • Work coordination, technical selection and training
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